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Our mission


Together we
can help restore healthy oceans

Delivering ethical solutions through captivating ocean storytelling. Become part of our journey, above and below the surface.


Our mission

We believe powerful storytelling is essential to encouraging support, recognition and ultimately action.

Stories are how we learn. They make us laugh, they make us cry, they inspire us and they make us care. So why does the ocean need a storyteller?

Our oceans are the life support system to our planet, home to 700k species and generating half of the oxygen we breathe, yet they are reaching crisis level.

As corporate giants, small businesses, households and individuals, we all have a responsibility to protect our oceans for future generations to enjoy the beauty we currently have access to. OCL aims to remind people what our beautiful oceans look like and play a role in supporting fellow guardians on their individual charitable and business missions.


Who we are

We are an ecosystem of oceanographers, surfers, lifeguards, freedivers, fisherman, photographers, conservationists, and ocean dreamers whose lives have been shaped by the sea. Regardless of our birth place, or shore on which we were raised, we are connected through expanses of ocean and the passion that inspires our work.