Below Pipeline

Having a week of solid north pacific swells is a wonderful sight.  I've witness some truly incredible surfing. However one dream on this trip, to get below the waves at pipeline capturing the world that lies beneath, the beauty of the wave's and the people that spend there time submersed within the power of the North Shore. Its only looking below the surface that I truly understand the dangers of this wave. Local Surfer's on the North shore and traveler's that come to ride these waves, have the greatest respect for each other and the waves they share, its been humbling to be a part of it, if only for a short time. Thank you to @michelejudy for sharing your world with me. 

Matt Porteous

The Studio_M, 1-3 La Colomberie, St. Helier

As a young boy, Matt showed an unusual interest in photography and in his parent's photo albums. His first yellow, underwater Minolta accompanied him everywhere. It was through that simple lens that he learnt to capture the sublime beauty of nature.

Matt’s love and delight in his surroundings is evident in his work. He captures and reveals the expression and detail that is seldom evident to the naked eye. His images are alive with emotion and movement; he enters the world of that image and allows us a glimpse of his excitement, his humour, his soul.

His mentors, close friends and travel opportunities have all influenced his approach to his work over the past 20 years. He is passionate about his photography and always has been. The love he has for his work, the people and places that he encounters along the way is apparent in the detail and perspective, in the stories he tells in his photographs.

Matt Porteous has won UK awards for Sports, Travel and Wedding Photography....