Jon Slayer | Ocean Conservation filmmaker/explorer

Freediving the statues of Green Bay off Protaras, Cyprus - filmed with Ricoh Theta S in a 360bubble housing.

Ocean Conservation filmmaker/explorer. Former Royal Marine Captain

What is your name?

Jon Slayer (Jonathan Schleyer)

Where are you from?

Born and raised in Durban, South Africa. Now living near London, UK.

How do you spend your time?

Marine Conservation/Research/Expeditions independently and with Force Blue, Blue Ventures and other organisations. Freelance underwater cameraman and filmmaker. Cinema stunt work as a stuntman with the British Stunt Register. Business owner and inventor of 360bubble underwater housing for 360 cameras.

What are the fondest memories from childhood/ upbringing that you feel impacted your life choices and lifestyle?

Spending school holidays on coral reef research diving expeditions with my Dad on the north east coast of South Africa

A beautiful coral garden with plentiful colourful fish off the coast of Vieques Island in Puerto Rico. Filmed with a GoPro Fusion camera in 5K 360 video housed in a 360bubble underwater case ( for 360 cameras.

Are there any people who were particularly influential on your life or who inspired you?

My Dad with the marine research work. My first boss Andy Telfer with his Spirit of Adventure outdoor school.

What 'learning path' did you chose after school? 

What other career options did you take before you found what you wanted to do?
Started studying Mechanical Engineering straight out of high school. Left university to work as an outdoor instructor at Spirit of Adventure leadership school.

Departed Spirit of Adventure to work as a whitewater safety kayaker on the Zambezi River

While kayaking the Zambezi a colleague suggested I join the Royal Marines.

Within a year I had joined the Royal Marines where I worked as an Officer for 8 years.

10 years ago I left the Royal Marines and returned to my roots traveling the world and scuba diving wherever I could and making films of these travels. This lead on to the marine conservation work, stunt work and underwater housing business.

How settled are you on your present path?

The path evolves with each step and new opportunity; the path is never settled but my passions and motivations have become more apparent and are far clearer to pursue now than they ever were in the past

Underwater highlights from around the world over the last few years.

What future plans do you have?

To contribute to human (or any) conscience and change the world.

To have a healthy body and fulfilling family and social life.

To use the resources gained through film work to further expeditionary and conservation work particularly in the marine environment.

To progress and learn business skills using 360bubble as an initial platform.

To gain a university degree in physics and apply this to water balance

To progress as a stuntman to stunt co-ordinator to film director and eventually write and direct blockbuster films

What 'battle' have you fought that you consider to be the most important?

Internally the battle to establish my own perception of the world. Externally the Royal Marines Commando training was the greatest test of body and mind that I have undertaken. A battle that reestablishes your views on what you can achieve by pushing you way beyond what you think you can do to the very limits of your physical and mental strength.

A cavern with a stunning entrance near Tulum on the Yucatan Peninsula.

What would you most like to change in the world/environment?

Changing the world’s mindset to one of circular production - where nothing is produced unless it is completely recycled

What do you value most in your life?


How do you assess the impact you have on the important aspects of your life?

The setting and achievement of measurable goals.

What are the most important lessons you have learned?

That happiness and motivation are a personal choice independent of circumstance. To work hard regardless of success or failure. Both are inevitable on any path of progress.

Freediving a plane wreck off Roatan Island, Honduras

Are there any books that have guided your thinking?

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (all five books of the trilogy)

What brings you the most joy?

Loving my wife and achieving a milestone after years of effort.

What legacy do you hope to leave?

A lasting contribution on collective conscience.

Healthy, engaged family and children.

To have lived a life engaged with the entire globe in all it’s variety and adventure and thereby have raised children and imbued society with a universal understanding and experience.