Ocean Culture Life

Ocean Culture Life is a Jersey based community of ocean advocates, videographers, eco-activists and explorers with a shared passion for the sea. 

There’s a vast ocean of charities, conservationists, campaigners, ocean experts, and individuals that work tirelessly across oceanic projects. However, there isn’t enough support and investment for the critical work they do. OCL create engaging content for their network of Ocean Guardians and partners, collectively spreading awareness and working together to restore healthy oceans.

We are a community of ocean storytellers who collaborate to create awareness about the beauty of our oceans.

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We turn projects, events, conservation work and ocean research into engaging stories and campaigns.

Register yourself or your company as an Ocean Guardian to amplify your mission and help us to collectively restore healthy oceans.

All of OCLs profits are injected back into creating content for non-profit Ocean Guardians.