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‘Storytelling is essential to encouraging support, recognition and ultimately action. The more we all understand the ocean, the more we appreciate and want to protect it.’

Matt Porteous - Founder


Stories are how we learn. They make us laugh, they make us cry, they inspire us and they make us care. But why does the ocean need a storyteller? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Our oceans are the life support system to our planet, home to 700k species and generating half of the oxygen we breathe, yet they are reaching crisis level. 

As businesses, households and individuals, we all have a responsibility to protect our oceans for future generations to enjoy the beauty we currently have access to. OCL aims to remind people what our beautiful oceans look like and play a role in supporting fellow ocean advocates on their individual charitable and business missions. 

There’s a vast ocean of charities, conservationists, campaigners, ocean experts, and individuals that work tirelessly across oceanic projects. However, there isn’t always enough support and investment for the critical work they do. We intend to turn ocean research, community projects, CSR, ocean funds and conservation projects into engaging content and result driven campaigns.  

We are committed to showcasing the beauty and fragility of our oceans across the globe. Through awareness-raising initiatives in support of ocean guardian projects, we intend to play a role in ensuring a future of healthy oceans for generations to come. By building a network of ocean ambassadors and sharing their stories, we aim to become the platform to collaborate and support hot topics, pressing issues and ultimately deliver ethical solutions through captivating storytelling in order to help steer change towards healthier oceans.

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We are a community of ocean storytellers with a shared passion for the sea who collaborate to create awareness about the beauty of our oceans.

 We turn projects, events, conservation work and ocean research into engaging stories and campaigns.

Register yourself or your company as an Ocean Guardian to amplify your mission and help us to collectively restore healthy oceans.

All of OCLs profits are injected back into creating content for non-profit Ocean Guardians.