Posts in Hawaii
Sunday Morning

Sunday morning out at pipeline, being more successful paddle than my last time out. "its never a good sign to see your Canon 5ds swimming inside your housing" with a back up camera and full equipment check! I headed out first with my 50mm to capture the waves above water. The first sequence of @Masatoshiohno just blew me away, the waves were 4 foot before and after this set rolled through. With a lack of swell and crystal clear water below, I changed my set up to fish eye and mask, capturing the scene below the waves. Photographers, body surfers and a group of surf girls all enjoying the Sunday morning together out in the ocean.  

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Below Pipeline

Having a week of solid north pacific swells is a wonderful sight.  I've witness some truly incredible surfing. However one dream on this trip, to get below the waves at pipeline capturing the world that lies beneath, the beauty of the wave's and the people that spend there time submersed within the power of the North Shore. Its only looking below the surface that I truly understand the dangers of this wave. Local Surfer's on the North shore and traveler's that come to ride these waves, have the greatest respect for each other and the waves they share, its been humbling to be a part of it, if only for a short time. Thank you to@michelejudy for sharing your world with me. 

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North Shore Oahu

Continuing my ocean journey, I've travelled half way round the world with my girlfriend Mandy to the shores of Hawaii, where we'll be spending the next month.

New Years Eve and New Year Day have been spent on the on the North shore, Oahu, shooting from shore whilst I wait for the arrival of my broken water housing, which has given me time to get a real feel for the conditions and the surfers that push limits and ride some of the most dangerous waves on the planet.  

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