Ryan Herve | Ocean Ambassador

Founder, Ryan Hervé has been shaping surfboards since 1995. At just the age of fifteen, he first picked up a planer to shape a board. Learning his skills in shaping the old school way, before CAD software and CNC machines were widely used.

He started the surfboard company Nutz Surfboards in 1999 building the boards he wanted to ride, he then went onto work on some of the best shapers boards in the world. Al Merrick, JS, DHD to name a few.

But in 2009 after building 18 boards in just 11 days on his own, he realized the irony of what he was doing, his life was all about extremes, he was too busy to live the lifestyle he really wanted. The whole point was to make boards so he could surf. We know that great systems mean great flow, so he shifted to a simpler way of working, focusing on flow & balance, taking the time to grow organically, to surf, to hang out with his family, and to let his passion for building boards really shine through.


During the years building boards under Nutz, Ryan was firmly focusing on high-performance surfboards, however, he always respected the work that goes into traditional boards with resin tints and gloss & polished finishes, It was something he aspired to and had always wanted to one day reach that level of detail in his own boards.

He then decided to take a new route and start a separate surfboard label, this time under his family name Hervé. In fact, the very first surfboards that Ryan made in 1995 had a Hervé logo drawn on, so it felt only natural to take this route forward. It was an instant hit, and Ryan started to appreciate building Hervé Surfboards more than he did with Nutz.

Surfing is a booming business and after twenty five years in the industry Ryan finally feels on the cusp of achieving great things. “Big brands may seduce people with their advertising, but there is no substitute for what I offer, which is a tailor-made, custom service.” Ryan works with his customers to create their vision, educating them along the way as to how their boards work in the water and accommodate each person’s height and weight.


2019 marks the twentieth year of Ryan being a full-time surfboard manufacturer. This worthy period of time would express Ryan has passed the apprenticeship for a surfboard builder and is fully qualified to make you any board you would want. A board that he’d proudly put his name too.