SaltGate Beach Clean

‘Saltgate is an inspiring place to work. It’s an environment where you’ll be continually challenged and constantly supported by colleagues who are keen to help each other and share their experience.’

This inspiration reaches far further than the walls of the office; their employees are also passionate about protecting the environment and preserving our beautiful island. Over the years, we have taken their corporate portraits, photographed their work events and developed a relationship with members of the SaltGate team.

This summer, they got in touch with Ocean Culture Life about arranging a beach clean and becoming supporters of our initiative that lies close to Matt’s heart, and supports guardians and ambassadors around the world, encouraging and aiding them to tell their positive stories about saving marine habitats, with the help of our global storytellers and content creators.

OCL offers the opportunity to partner with organisations, providing and arranging activities ranging from beach cleans, inspirational and educational talks with our founders, guardians and ambassadors, to hosting exhibitions within offices, bringing the beauty of our positive storytelling to your workspaces. 


The SaltGate team met OCL and Little Feet, one of our OCL guardians, at St Brelades beach, where they were given all the protective equipment to carry out the beach clean safely. Armed with buckets, gloves and a briefing  about marine debris and the effect it’s having on our amazing coastline, the amazing employees collectively amassed 35kg of plastic and waste from our beautiful shoreline.

Afterwards, they ordered takeaway pizzas to enjoy on the beach and discussed how much they appreciate our outdoor spaces, and how we should all make more effort to restore healthy oceans and spend more time in the fresh air. This showed how an act of kindness for our environment and helping to clean up the spaces which give us so much joy, can be an enjoyable and sociable occasion, that can be organised with your family, friends, workmates or even just by yourself as you walk the dog. 

Following on from the beach clean, SaltGate have said that they would like to support OCL further and make this a yearly collaboration.

Please get in touch if you would like to arrange a similar event with your company, or would like to get involved and support Ocean Culture Life storytellers, ambassadors and guardians.